Our  men’s Custom jacket with snap down collar is made of the finest quality Italian lambskin. As shown here the color is a vibrant black with brown crocodile embossed lambskin trim. The zipper is bottom up as well as top down for comfort while sitting, a unique trademark of a Trisha DeHall's zipper jacket designs. The inlays in both the front and back yokes are an embossed crocodile surely to capture everyone’s attention. Our jacket is fully lined with a black mesh breathable fabric to allow them to be worn in both the summer and winter. There are 2 zipper pockets on the outside and 2 pockets on the inside. 

Men's Black Leather Jacket With Accent Inlays

  • This jacket is perfect for the enthusiastic motorcycle rider that wants to wear exquisite leather apparel. It offers protection from the elements not only in the colder months but is comfortable for summer riding as well. Look as good as the bike you are on with my line of motorcycle leather apparel. Don't just limit this jacket to the road...wear it anytime and anywhere!!