Not just for that iron horse you're riding but for that 4 legged horse you may have in the pasture as well!! 

Trisha DeHall’s sophisticated chap design will enhance any belt and riding jeans you choose to wear.  These chaps are designed to fit over your own belt eleminating the need for front and back standard closures that you find on most chaps on the market today. Shown here these are made of deep Chocolate cowhide with an embossed crocodile skin design extending down the side of each leg and continuing around the back. 

They are fully line with black nylon mesh that allows for a better fit.  The design fits higher on the leg than most traditional chaps providing a superior and more flattering fit.  We incorporate a heavy-duty nylon zipper on the sides extending down past the knee.  Nylon zippers avoid any possibility of corrosion and operate more smoothly than traditional metal zippers.   We also utilize a three-snap closure at the bottom of the leg for added flexibility. 

Chaps Brown w/Croc Embossed Inlays

  • These chaps are perfect for the enthusiastic motorcycle rider that wants to wear exquisite leather apparel. They offer protection from the elements not only in the colder months but  for summer riding as well. Look as good as the bike you are on with my line of motorcycle leather apparel.